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NaturesBio Organic Fertilizer

Organic Fertilizer

A perfect combination of Natural NPK, more than 60 micro nutrients plus Amino Acid  essential for plants derived from a 100% natural fermentation of Fish, Kelp and Guano Extracts through Natures Beneficial Microorganism.

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NaturesBio NIM

Pest Control

A 100% natural formulation contain compounds which are useful for pest control

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NaturesBio Protein

Health Supplement

All-natural, a pro-biotic water and feed additive for all kinds of livestock

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NaturesBio Cleanser

Organic Deodorizer

100% organic deodorizer, disinfectant, sanitizer, insect repellant with environmental friendly ingredients

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Natures Bio 10th Year Selfie Contest

Organic Deodorizer

Natures Bio 10th Year Anniversary Contest

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Get the latest protocol on how to use our Natures Bio Products to attain amazing results. From seeding until harvest and how to maintain great soil content


Let our satisfied customers tells you their Natures Bio experience with amazing result that improved their plants and crops with great results.


Locate the nearest distributor and dealer within your region and contact or visit them for availability. Available around the country Luzon Visayas and Mindanao.

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About Us

Our research, field actual trials are continuous in discovering and hence developing a Microbial Organic Fertilizer, Organic Pest Controller, Organic Animal Health Supplement and Environment Spray Cleanser / Deodorizer, for agriculture crops, livestock & household  and environment waste treatment. A natural and organic that aids to create a greater and more abundant harvest, hence, making a more promising future to the agricultural, livestock and environment sector.

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